Guasto, kingdom of the dead, and spirits. A limbo on Allorum, the souls of the dead travel here, in search of the path to the heavens. Travelers can mistake a lost soul as a live human, The ratio of the living with souls is about 1 to 3, the life span is about the same, 1 to 3.


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Guasto looks like the dead land. Most of the land is sandy and has dead trees, placed here and there. During the day, there is really nothing that goes on, and it rarely storms. At night, the beasts can come out, and it normally storms then. Travelers usually travel in a group, if they must travel the kingdom, since the land will quite literally try to kill people, removing life.


Mortuus Castle- Zelos Shinigami's castle, stone gray and simple. Located right next to Phasmatis and Effigia. Torchlight lighting the castle, the area with a log of color is their grand ballroom, which rivals Crepusculum Kingdom's ballroom.

Phasmatis- Inner City of the dead. Where king Zelos Shinigami watches over the passing souls of Crespusculum. Those heaven bound dwell on the surface while those hell bound are trapped in cells underground.

Phanto Plains at Night.

Effigia- Outer city. The Outer City. Where the living can pass through here and stay at inns, the dead sometimes travel here but the area was made for humans to rest. There is a portal leading to the Inner City.

Braena Woods- Also called the Bone Forest, since the trees are a bone white color, and glow in the night light. A forest that looks like dead, but it can still bear fruit, mainly cherry. The ground is covered in the pink petals that is produced. The dead find them to be a treat to eat, and so do the living, but no one is allow to harvest them and let them leave the woods, without the king's permission. There is a small village in here, but is hard to find in the woods.

Phanto Plains- The plains of Guasto. Pure emptiness, a perfectly blank white land. The sun beats down and makes the land shine, like Heaven almost. At night, the land it unforgivable, like Hell.


Sumatas ArcEdit

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Saints ArcEdit

In the thread, "Entering the Castle of Death", Everto attacked the Mortuus Castle, to kidnap Zelos. Elexa, and Akuma ran into Everto first, and they engaged into combat. Zelos hopped into the fight, and they defeated Everto.

Important PeopleEdit

Zelos Shinigami- Sumata of Death- King of Guasto
Chika Herrlock - Captain of Guasto
Nero Whitemarrow- Captain of Guasto
Van- Saint
A.B.A.- Saint Number 15